THOUGHTS AND EMOTIONS & Brussels – Belgique & 03 March – 27 March 2022

International Exhibition of Contemporary Art
Espace Art Gallery
Rue de Laeken, 83 à 1000 – Brussels – Belgique
03 March – 27 March 2022


  Opening Thursday 03 March from 18.30 to 21.30

  Exhibition from 03/04 to 27/03/2022 from 11:30 to 18:30

  End of the exhibition on 26 and 27/03 from 11:30 to 18:30

The ARS Cultural Movement is pleased to invite you to participate in the International Exhibition of Contemporary Art in title.
The Event will take place from 03 March to 27 March 2022, with the inauguration set at 6.30 pm on 03 March, at the prestigious exhibition spaces of the Espace Art Gallery, the historic artistic space of the Belgian capital.
The intent is to write a new, colorful, important page in the history of the ARS Movement. A collective free from stylistic prejudices, without any preclusion towards different techniques, levels of experience, philosophies, generations and geographical origins. The only purpose is to excite, to use – in fact – colors in an expressive way.
International artists (with a limited number) identified on the basis of this criterion, for a collective that wants to confirm the main traits that have so far characterized the action of the ARS Cultural Movement: total openness and the ambition of an increasingly broad.
An international exhibition, born from the collaboration between Ars and the expert Belgian gallery owner Jerry Delfosse, artistic manager of the Espace Art Gallery, the beating heart of the Ixelles district.

Artists participating in the international cultural event:

Baś Kamil; Binaj Ardian; Coggi Bianca; Costa  Mariella; Ducu Elena; Halkic Nazif Braco; Hildebrandt Oliwia ; Łapot-Dzierwa Kinga; Lee Sun A; Sasaki  Fumio; Solei Paolo; Zawada Ernest