Oliwia Hildebrandt

Oliwia Hildebrandt, born in 1971, artist and teacher. PhD of fine arts in painting at the Institute of Fine Arts of the Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce (2018). A graduate of the Pedagogical University in Krakow – a diploma in workshop graphics(1996). Member of the board of the Association of Polish Artists from the Świętokrzyskie District.

Author of individual and collective exhibitions, foreign, international and national (Scheersberg, Remscheid, Dresden, Las Palmas, Warsaw, Szczecin, Jabłonna, Kielce).

She works in the field of painting, drawing, graphics and mixmedia.

She focuses her artistic activities around formal experiments, giving them meaning to strive to record time in the form of an artifact, object, work, process. In painting, she minimizes returning to abstract forms, which makes her paintings a more universal dimension. The inspiration is everyday life and natural processes related to time and the properties of matter. She depicts them using simplified forms, transferring symbolic meanings to objects and places, creates personal matter of memory of the past and presence. Stone, as an object and a metaphor, being a symbol of duration and eternity and the personification of the eternal mystery in her painting considerations, became with the expression of the coherence of matter and spirit. As an element of everyday life, a fragment of inanimate nature is an object of search, a relic of the past, a specific form of recording time and, above all, an inspiration to explore painting and graphic values. The shapes in the paintings are emphasized by the contrasts of light and shadow, and the balance between fullness and color asceticism. The combination of colors, contrasts, textures, stripe, structure of matter and gesture dynamics are values ​​that the artist strongly emphasizes by building tension in the image. Work on the subject matter of the work during the creative process contains elements of discovering the secret and is the quintessence of recording time in the image. Building her own artistic alphabet is a continuous process of artistic exploration and the diversity in the selection of means is an expression of creative individuality.