He works and lives in St Michel Chef Chef, a small center of the Loire on the Atlantic. Self-taught artist, with his works of art he guides us in his world, part real and part fantastic. He has created his own pictorial language: his imaginary landscapes are suffused with poetic nostalgia, and are enlivened by a peaceful atmosphere, which emanates by the sleeping souls, who inhabit them. Surrealist for the ability of letting his own subconscious surface, he employs an indefinite pale Romantic touch in his canvases, always dreamlike and mysterious. Between 2010 and 2013 his artistic activity has reached a peak, with the many exhibitions in prestigious sites: from Paris to Cannes, from Bruges to Saint Malo, and Sainte Marie sur Mer. He also took part in the ‘’Artavita’’ competition in the USA, turning out to be the first among the French artists. His name is mentioned in the Interna

tional Contemporary Master, Vol. 5- 2012, World Wide Art Books.