Architect, painter, restorer, he spent his childhood and youth in Libya and Ethiopia, where he absorbed the bold and contrasting colors of African nature. He got his degree in Rome, where he lives and works, and where he attended eminent painting schools, thus refining drawing and painting techniques. He got numerous prizes, both in contests and in extemporary exhibitions, gaining a place in the art scene of Rome. He is president of the UCAIROMADUE section, which gathers a group of Catholic painters in Rome. He is among the founders of the ARA the Roman Association of Watercolor Painters. He is member of Cultural Circle Viani of Ostia, of the Art Center La Bitta, and of Ars Cultural Movement. His painting technique varies among figurative, symbolism and abstraction. These different styles share, as common trait, linear drawing and rigorous perspective. His artworks, made of warm colors and tormented contents, always conceal a reason for hope and rebirth.