International exhibition Grachten Gallerie Utrecht (Holland) 1th June/ 2nd July 2012.

The power of colour is the subject of this international exhibition, curated by the cultural Association ARS. The group promotes important artistic events, with the purpose of diffusing and developing Art in its different expressions.

The works were created by artists from all over the world. The comparison between different views and techniques were shown in this elegant, attractive and cosmopolitan location: The Grahchten Gallerie of Contemporary Art, in Utrecht. The prestigious gallery – not far away from Amsterdam- is situated close by the Oudegracht, the old canal near the famous Tower of the Cathedral (the highest Dutch building).

The title of the exhibition, chosen by the curator and ARS President Elena Ducu, reflected the line of the works presented, where the colour is the main and characterizing element, both in the figurative and abstract pieces.

The artists have a professional background characterised by international exhibitions and important shows. This event was, for the artists, an opportunity to embrace other views, and at the same time, to live in the vibrant Dutch artistic environment. The viewer could experiment with the emotion of being immersed into different styles, techniques and artistic expressions.

The Paintings, sculptures and photos were characterised by the warm movements of the colours, which dominated the compositions.