As president of Ars Cultural Movement I am pleased to bring to your attention our latest unique International group exhibition, which will be held in New York, from June 27th to July 27th 2014, at the esteemed Ward-Nasse Gallery on Prince Street, in the heart of Soho, the pulsating center of Manhattan. (www.wardnasse.org)
Elena Ducu

The American dream…. of contemporary artists

 If in the past New York represented the American dream for those who left their Countries looking for better and more dignified lives, today it embodies the dream of artists, who recognize its role of lively and an ever-changing art platform and market… even in time of crisis.

The historical Ward-Nasse Gallery, in Prince Street, in the heart of SOHO, Manhattan, will host the group exhibition “Shades of Light”, curated by Elena Ducu, president of ARS Cultural Movement. Manhattan can be considered the economical and cultural center of the United States. Headquarter of the United Nations, it is also the seat of Wall Street and of industrial giants. Time Square is considered the “crossroads of the World”, Chinatown hosts the largest Chines population in the Western Countries. Broadway with its theaters, the monumental bridges, the park and the skyscrapers complete the modern New York cityscape, visited by thousands of tourists and of business men every year.  Art in New York is everywhere: in the big museums, such as the MET, the Guggenheim, the MoMA, in the many smaller ones, and in the over 700 galleries, in the auction houses like Sotheby’s and in the many alternative exhibitions centers, even on the walls, with the  graffiti and murals of Downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn. Galleries in New York are also meeting and debates points. Museum’s cafeterias are typical hang out places to exchange cultural points of view. A stretch of 5thAv has been renamed “The Museum Mile”, due to the high concentration of museums.

For these reasons, it is not a wonder that New York embodies the dream of contemporary artists and that ARS chose it as location for an International exhibition (as all the other venues organized by ARS). For this venue the exhibiting artists are twenty-two, coming from France, Belgium, Switzerland, Romania, Russia, and all of them with a rich resume. Each of them exhibited both In Italy and abroad, with good acknowledgment of public and critic.

Abstract and figurative, informal and conceptual art integrate in this well-structured exhibition. It proposes a wide cross-section of contemporary art and at the same time it offers many comparison and reflection ideas. Each artist in this show worked freely, according to his/her own sensibility and artistic style, thus adding a tile to the composite mosaic of light and color typical of the exhibition. The shimmering symbolism of some of the works enthusiastically competes with the expressionist intensity of others. Delicate beauty of certain canvases is a counterpoint to the chromatic violence of others, creating a rich kaleidoscope, which unifies different styles and artistic codes. Diversity of thoughts and techniques in this show represents the different geographic origins of each artist, as well as different private histories, education, sensibility and expression. The wide range of techniques of paintings and sculpture, as well as the presence of photographic works and installations, make this “cross-section of being contemporary” attractive and enjoyable for every viewer.

Cinzia Folcarelli     


1.Trapazzo Lucilla (Switzerland and USA) 2. Ducu Elena (Romania) 3. Costa Mariella – sculpture (Italy) 4. Grispigni Laura (Italy) 5. Statunato Sandra (Italy) 6. Pelliccioni Armando (Italy) 7. Lai Monica (Italy) 8. Ridolfini Vincenzo (Italy) 9. Antonatou Zafiroula (Greece) 10. Paolo di Bello (Italy) 11. Beuzard Jeanne- Marie (France) 12. Beuzard Jeanne – Claude ( Belgium) 13. Salvatore Giuseppe (Italy) 14. Gorlova Giulia (Russia) 15. Ann Elias sculpture (France) 16. LE BRETON Jean-Yves (France)  17. Rodrigo Marcos (France) 18. Joëlle- Coffey Lorraine sculpture (France) 19. De Carlé Véronique ( Belgium) 20. Scarioni Roberto (Italy)