Fulvio is an engineer with an artistic vein. He is passionate about every kind of human expression, from science and technology to poetry, literature, and art. Few years ago, he discovered a new fascination for travelling, particularly to far and unusual destinations. He travels around the World with a pocket camera, to secure and carry away the beauty, which suddenly moves him. He does not strive for technical excellence, he does not use perfected cameras, he does not modify colors or photos with technical instruments, and he does not pursue sophisticated effects. On the contrary, he wants to interact with and wants to be moved by objective beauty, without reconstruct it artificially. The beauty that he fixes is the external one, framed by the emotion of a sudden moment that he tries to convey to the viewers. He is aware that everything changes. The unusual ice shape in the Antarctic, in few hours will disappear. The shape of those clouds, which enhance man-made or nature-made works, will modify within minutes. The look on a person’s face will never be the same. That very moment of transient beauty, however, will continue to move who captured it on a photographed image. Not only, it will also interact whit those, who will be ready to share it empathically.