International Exhibition of Contemporary Art

Galerie 16 B – Austellungstrasse , 16 B

 Zurich  (Switzerland)


– 1st vernissage: May, the 9th at 06:30 p.m. Artists: Armato Vincenzo ; Bartoli Germana; Borrelli Giuseppe; Capoccia Valerio (sculpture); Corbisiero Franco; Del Giudice Marina; Elefante Cristoforo; Guardabassi Mirco; Martinelli Maria Cristina; Notaro Enrico; Paglia Anna; Piccirillo Maurizio; Sasaki Fumio (sculpture); Stacher Barbara; Sun-A Lee (sculpture); Tagliati Mirta; Trapazzo Lucilla;  Vertone Vittorio.

– 2nd vernissage: May, the 23rd at 06:30 p.m.Artists: De Marianis Esterhazy Cristiano; Di Bello Paolo; Ducu Elena; Fulvio Fabio ; Indraccolo Davide; La Cagnina Biagio; Lai Monica ; Ndue Marko; Proietti Mirella; Ridolfini Regina; Ridolfini Vincenzo; Salvatore Pino ; Statunato Sandra; Sun A Lee (sculpture); Sasaki Fumio (sculpture); Trapazzo Lucilla; Valerio Capoccia (sculpture).

by Lucilla Trapazzo

 Another group show by ARS Cultural Movement, another moment of dialogue among the artists of the eclectic art association founded by Elena Ducu: the voices of the artists in this show differ in their artistic languages; they narrate personal visions of the world, they embody diverse representation ideals, and above all they reveal different intimate landscapes.

The artists observe the outer reality, which becomes the quintessence of self-expression, in a fluid mirror game with the spectator. The viewer thus becomes a witness and the second term of the act of communication. The artists seem to speak with the outer world: “I look at you and I possess you, I observe you and I reproduce you according to my vision”. The viewer, by perceiving the works of art, enters a sort of communion with the very vision of the artist. Therefore the works of this eclectic group of artists, using different techniques and languages,  from painting (abstract, figurative, symbolic) to graphic, from photography to sculptures, are different voices aiming towards the same purpose, the representation of reality through intimate feelings and formal research. This is the unifying thread of the entire ARS thinking.

This time the chosen city is Zurich, Switzerland. Formal and elegant, center of International finance, Zurich to some might seem a bit uppish, but it can also be young, alternative,  maverick, a melting pot of languages and cultures. While we walk across Zurich we can admire the fashionables shops on the “Bahnhofstrasse”, we can become children looking at the wonders of chocolate in the many “Konditorei” of the city, we silently listen to the magic of the Chagall’s stained glass window at the “Fraumünster” church, we relive the birth of Dadaism at the “Cabaret Voltaire”, we  cave in to the temptations of spices and flavors from distant worlds and Countries on the “Langstrasse”, we might even become messenger of alternative recycling by buying a “Freitag” bag, made only of old truck tarpaulin, but above all we can get lost in the many art galleries, scattered all over the city.


“Galerie 16b” is placed in the “Züriwest” quarter, the most lively and culturally vibrant zone of the city, where old industrial buildings have become alternative locations for art galleries, museums, clubs and restaurants.  The gallery has always dedicated itself to promote a niche, young and different kind of art. It is art that speaks multiple and democratic languages, exactly like Ars Association. The alternative space of the gallery “16b”, on the “Austellungsstrasse” (the street of exhibitions), thanks to the friendly atmosphere created by the manager, Rita Morger, is not only a place for shows, it is also a meeting point.

Strolling among the paintings, the viewers can enjoy the intimate feeling and the friendly conversations, while listening, on designated nights, to good quality live music.