Tuscan architect, draftsman, illustrator and interior decorator, Paolo Soley paints and creates objects of colored wood, acrylics and graphics (engravings, dry points, serigraphs). In his poetic world different elements become characters waiting for a role: fish, keys, smiling suns, cats, vases and pots, lighthouses in the sea, paintings hanging on the walls, balloons, kites. The final result is always a harmonious and elegant composition, almost alchemical, in which the conscious and the unconscious dimensions manifest themselves at the crossroads between reality and fantasy. Depth and lightness are the key to his artistic language: with fragments of intuition he gives life to his dream worlds and at the same time he reaches a concrete realm, rich in details. Suffused with surrealist and metaphysical elements, his works of art are characterized by a strong chromatic component and by a playful narrative. Among the numerous solo and group exhibitions he has exhibited in Florence, London, Turin, Rosignano Solvay, Montecatini Terme, Perugia, Bibbiena, Poppi, Historic Center of Buonconvento, Pescia, Milan.