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International Exhibition of Contemporary Art

Royal Opera Arcade Gallery Opening
The 11th of June at 4 p.m


The event was being held from June 11th to June 20th 2013, at the prestigious Royal Opera Arcade Gallery in Pall Mall, in the centre of London (five walking minutes from Trafalgar Square). The gallery, overlooking the famous street leading to the National Gallery, is located within the most antique arcade of London (1818).
Light is a fundamental component of art. Artists have always been paid great attention to it. Light can caress compositions, sculptures and paintings, it puts accent on details and it is often an integral part of the very work of art. (…)
The international exhibition “Light in Art’’, organized by Ars Cultural Association and its President Elena Ducu, artist and curator of worldwide events, wants to highlight the importance of light in the process of art. (…) The aim of the exhibition is to leave the artists complete freedom of expression. Therefore, different ‘genres’ and media will be shown, like paintings, photos, sculptures, installations, graphic works from a carefully selected group of artists already working in the International art setting.
The exhibition presents artist coming from Japan, Italy, France, Belgium, Austria, Poland, Romania, United Kingdom, Basil, Albania, Australia, Switzerland. Therefore, the show offers the viewer the possibility to experience a unique comparison between different styles and artistic languages. Each artist has his/her own personality, not only due to the obvious geographical and personal differences, but also for their different artistic ciphers. This exhibition offers a rich, multifaceted and varied program. (…)

LIGHT being the protagonist of the exhibition, let’s lose ourselves, together with the artists, to free-flowing emotions, conveyed by their captivating works of art.


Auè Nicole; Borrelli Giuseppe; Buljan Katharine; Celino Gemma; Ciotti Enrico; Costa Kelly; Costa Mariella; D’Ascia Vittorio; Dehmel Justina; Di Bello Paolo; Di Stefano Emilia; Ducu Elena; Gost Giorgio; Grispigni Laura; Indraccolo Davide; Lacagnina Biagio; Lai Monica; Lamboray Olivier; Marku Ndue, Massimi Claudio, Montse Oliver; Paglia Anna, Petrone Leonardo; Puccini Susan; Pintaldi Jessica; Porcelli Enzo, Pozzi Daniele; Proietti Mirella; Ridolfini Vincenzo; Roussel Chantal Roggia; Salvatore Giuseppe; Sasaki Fumio; Scarioni Roberto; Stacher Barbara; Statunato Sandra; Swerts Tine; Trapazzo Lucilla.