Born In Craiova (Romania) in 1977, Elena Ducu showed since early age a profound passion for colors, light and the reproduction of nature in its details. From that moment she started her path towards her art and technique, and the ability to capture the emotion of a sunset. To further her studies she enrolled in Italy in the Academy of Art. Abstract painting, sculpture, installations and photography are her media. Her work has been chosen for an exhibition in the prestigious ‘’Reggia di Caserta’’. Her paintings are shown regularly in International group exhibitions. Recent exhibition saw her in Naples (Castel dell’Ovo), Siracusa (Galleria Roma), Florence (Le Giubbe Rosse), Roma ‘’Biennale di Roma 2012’’, Milan, Bruxelles,  in Bruges – Belgium (Jan Garemijn Hall), in Holland – Utrecht (Grachten Gallerie), Paris (Galerie Tuillierand) and in London (ROA Gallery), Zurich, München, Madrid,  Museum of Art of Romania in Tg Jiu. Her works have been auctioned. Elena Ducu lives and works in Rome. She is President of ARS – Cultural Movement, an association, which deals with development and circulation of contemporary art.

Cinzia Folcarelli art critic