Ars has been active since 1981, and during the years it has been recognized for organizing and developing the contemporary art in its different expressions. ARS has always encouraged the cultural exchange on a local, national and international basis. Since 2011, Elena Ducu – student of the founder- has been in-charge of Ars, continuing its activities. New technologies and the changing global artistic view suggest the necessity of a broadening of horizons; nowadays, it is a central part of an artist’s activities to encourage multiculturalism and consequently to not be anchored on one’s own origins, even if they are prestigious. Furthermore an artist that wants to face the capricious and complex currents which are involved in contemporary art should gather his own dimension through a comparison with others and an understanding of things that are far from his own view. After this experience, it would be finally possible for the artist to define the lines of his personal artistic code. Moving from this assumption, ARS has found it appropriate to organize international artistic events.

The event

Social networks have drastically changed our living style. The recent “Cambridge Analytica” case has highlighted how social media are able to guide electorate’s choices, so to determinate the final results both in US Presidential elections and in Brexit referendum. This is a true social networks` dark side that definitely deserves a reflection by legislators, philosophers, communicators and artists in particular. Each of the participant has to create an “ad hoc” art piece on the theme “2018: ART IN SOCIAL NETWORK ERA”, so to express his own point of view. The visionary anticipations of cult novels such as George Orwell’s 1984, seem to materialize before our eyes: do new technologies actually stimulate thought or obscure it? With what consequences? For the reasons above a careful analysis appears urgent.

The location

Munich, known for openness, cultural diffusion, and its Central European mentality, has always been considered an ideal place for contemporary art in Europe. Viktualienmarkt, a lively square and the heart of “Altstadt” (the old town), is situated just behind the famous Marienplatz. It’s a colourful and traditional cultural crossroads, popular with locals and tourists. The gallery is a small jewel with its large windows overlooking the street.  It’s just in front of “Eataly München”, a reference point for lovers of Italian food and culture, which sees thousands of people every year.

“Galerie Das Fenster ”- Prälat-Zistl-Straße, 20 (Viktualienmarkt)- MUNICH