Coggi Bianca


Coggi Bianca was born in 1978 in an artistic  family environment (her father was an amatorial painter, sculptor and musician). In 2006 she was graduated in Architecture and started some publications on Architectural topics.

Since 2008 she was engaged as  Architect-Draftsman on various international projects (Nuvola Fuksas, Formula E). She was the Designer of large temporary events (Ferragni Tour 2019, Hitachi-Fiera di Montreal 2017, Expo Milano 2016, etc.).

In 2020 she restarts her interest on World of the Fine Arts and in 2021 she enrolls at the Academy of Belle Arti in Frosinone.

At the same time she started a series of cultural events at her studio in the city of Colleferro ( transforming it into a real Art-Gallery for temporary events).


“The prerequisites of my Art? I then realized that they sink into the most impulsive Abstract Expressionism, that of the gestural informal, that based on “color” and emotions (both of the Artist and of the Viewer). I will work to overcome this concept: I need to create my Art that goes beyond the twentieth century.