International Exhibition of Contemporary Art

                                                      THE PIGNE GALLERY
                                                  Palazzo Maffei Marescotti
                                                       Via della Pigna 13a.
                                                             00186 Rome

                                                   14 JUNE – 21 JUNE 2023

                                               Inauguration on 14 June, 5.00 pm

Participating artists:

  Armato Vincenzo; Binaj Ardian; Cafarelli Sara (aka SACAF); Coggi Bianca; Ducu Elena; Dzierwa Łapot–Kinga; Elefante Cristoforo; Fabi Fulvio; Lee Sun A; Massimi Claudio; Paternesi Meloni Marcello;  Pjeternikaj  Pirro; Giuseppe Salvatore (Pino Salvatore); Sasaki  Fumio; Solei Paolo; Van der heyden Didier;



                                                                  LIGHT IN THE DARK


The event will take place from June 14 until June 21 to 2023, with the inauguration set at 5.00 pm on June 14, at the prestigious exhibition spaces of the Pigna Gallery, a historic artistic space in the Italian capital.

You all know that the Pandemic forced us to do fewer cultural events, war has also arrived, times have not been favorable to promote art.

 The intent is to write a new, colorful, important page in the history of the ARS Movement. A collective free from stylistic prejudices, without any preclusion towards different techniques, levels of experience, philosophies, generations and geographical origins. The only purpose is to excite, to use – in fact – colors in an expressive way.

International artists (limited numbers) identified on the basis of this criterion, for a collective that wants to confirm the main features that have so far characterized the action of the ARS Cultural Movement: the total openness of mind and the ambition of an ever more breathing path. ample.

An international exhibition, born from the collaboration between Ars and the Pigna gallery, in the beating heart of the center of Rome.

The project carried out by the president of the ARS Association,

Elena Ducu 


La Luce nel buio (“Light in the Dark”)


La Pigna Gallery, located in the heart of Rome, close to the Pantheon and Piazza Navona, as well as Piazza Venezia and Via dei Fori Imperiali, hosts the group exhibition of international artists La luce nel buio The light in the dark, curated by Elena Ducu, artist and president of the ARS Cultural Movement. An exhibition that is intended to be a revenge on the adversity that this historical period has brought, and is still bringing, with it. Art that triumphs over war and the pandemic, thanks to artists capable of positively moving people with their works. The strength of the exhibition is the colour. In fact, this is the characteristic factor present in the works of all the participating artists, who are very different in terms of geographical origin, age, education, personal experience and consequently artistic expression. In the last three years, which have seen the world and especially the interpersonal relationships of its inhabitants change, the artists, sensitive souls par excellence, have produced engaging and emotional works. While the rest of the world stood still and fearful, they continued to create works to express their emotions, to be exhibited as soon as the right moment arrived. And the right time has come. Now that the world pandemic situation is improving, art exhibitions have also started up again, and the art world is slowly waking up. This exhibition therefore aims to contribute to this artistic awakening. Each of the participating artists expressed themselves with styles and techniques that they had studied and made their own. Alongside those who use reused materials with which they create ironic and provocative collages of a chaotic and ambiguous world, we find authors of gestural works reminiscent of abstract expressionism and informalism, impulsive and powerfully present. Starting from a figurative matrix, there are those who transform reality into abstractions charged with expressive power and daring colour contrasts, while always maintaining a refined stylistic delicacy that strives for an emotional chromatic purity. The representation of the world and feelings through streaks and drippings of colour that seem to glide liquidly across the canvas, complemented by material inclusions that create plays of light on the surface, making it vibrant and rich in reflections, dialogue and can be compared with works born from the study of the plasticism of Picasso and Braque and the light and speed of Balla and Boccioni, revisited with a personal stylistic signature. The reference to pop art characterises works in which colour is used in a “psychedelic” way. Alongside compositions in which characters known in real life take on imaginary and typified characteristics, we also have the depiction of children, symbolising inner purity, who want to awaken the sleeping child in our souls, because “we all desire the same things: joy, purity, love”. On display are works of painting, sculpture, photography, digital art, but also an environmental installation inspired by a nocturnal dream that aims to make the viewer relive “the mysterious wonder of those who lose themselves and yet feel at one with nature”. Light, colour and emotion for an exhibition that signals a rebirth on the part of all the participating artists, coming from various parts of the world, each with their own baggage of lived life experiences and feelings felt in the course of it.

Cinzia Folcarelli