International Exhibition of Contemporary Art

                                        Palazzo Vicariato Maffei Marescotti

                 UCAI Gallery Rome La Pigna, via della Pigna 13 / a 00186 Rome

                                                  14 JUNE – 23 JUNE 2023         

                                                        LIGHT IN THE DARK


The event will take place from June 14 until June 23 to 2023, with the inauguration set at 5.00 pm on June 14, at the prestigious exhibition spaces of the Pigna Gallery, a historic artistic space in the Italian capital.

You all know that the Pandemic forced us to do fewer cultural events, war has also arrived, times have not been favorable to promote art.

 The intent is to write a new, colorful, important page in the history of the ARS Movement. A collective free from stylistic prejudices, without any preclusion towards different techniques, levels of experience, philosophies, generations and geographical origins. The only purpose is to excite, to use – in fact – colors in an expressive way.

International artists (limited numbers) identified on the basis of this criterion, for a collective that wants to confirm the main features that have so far characterized the action of the ARS Cultural Movement: the total openness of mind and the ambition of an ever more breathing path. ample.

An international exhibition, born from the collaboration between Ars and the Pigna gallery, in the beating heart of the center of Rome.