2 Person Exhibition: Massimo D’Angelo and Amelia Mutti

Date: 21/04/18- 02/05/18

Vernissage: 06/04/2018 – 18h

Massimo D’Angelo

Massimo D’Angelo is a painter. He started as a draftsman, than he choose watercolor, by small en plen air paintings made up by colors and aquamarine. His favorite subjects are landscapes, seascapes, but also social themes such as migrants. Nowadays he prefers acrylics, as we can appreciate in the exposed paintings, Asteroids and Celestial Body. He can create very suggestive and unsettling works, where sinuous female bodies with hidden faces are covered by color splashed on the surface.


The drawing, a passion, at the beginning many brushes and colors, oil, tempera, watercolor, then the profession of architect … for years pencils, inks, glossy papers, up to the computer age, without ever abandoning the fountain pen!

Suddenly a loss, intense pain and the re-emerging of the ancient passion little by little. The need to express oneself, to reappropriate a part of myself overwhelmed by everyday life. The need to create my own art workshop, to pick up brushes and colors, to manipulate the plasticity of the oil and to experiment again with the transparencies and the lightness of the watercolor.