Giuseppe Salvatore worked with several artists, writers and sociologists in Rome and Naples. During his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts of Naples first and later in Rome, he met some artists from Neapolitan Amelio Gallery, having the chance to frequent American Pop Art (meeting personally Andy Warhol and Joseph Beuys). Later he attended a course of ‘’Art Work’’ at the graphic section of the ‘’European Institute of Design’’ and a two-year course of Fabric Design at the ‘’Scuola di Arti Ornamentali’’, in Rome. Author of awe-inspiring installation, Salvatore is a rare example of humility and openness for younger artists. He had a huge number of one-man and collective art exhibitions in Italy and Europe. Among the several awards, he won, we can remind ‘’Oscar della Cultura’’, Florence 2007; ‘’Art Nobel’’, Monaco 2007; ‘’Palm d’Or Artexpo’’, Cannes 2010.



Cinzia Folcarelli art critic