Nella Medrano lives in Turin , where she used to teach Italian letters after taking a diploma in classical studies and a university degree in philosophy. In her childhood and adolescence years she was keen on drawing and painting, with a recurrent tendency to portraiture. As a mature adult her artistic interest has shifted from Man to Nature, which she interprets in its mysterious elusiveness and represents with her extremely personal, imaginative style. In order to perfect her pictorial techniques she still attends courses at Turin Pictor Academy and regularly paints in Angela Betta Casale’s studio . Since 2009 she has been involved in a large number of group shows and in a few solo exhibitions both in Turin and in Piedmont.

  1. Nella Medrano, “TRA LUCI E OMBRE , oilio su tela,  80×60 cm, 750 €

  2. Nella Medrano, “FUGA DI LUCE, oilio su tela,  80×60 cm, 750 €

  3. Nella Medrano, “SORGENTE VITALE, oilio su tela,  80×60 cm, 750 €

  4. Nella Medrano, “SPERANZE DI GIORNI RADIOS, oilio su tela,  45×60 cm, 570 €

  5. Nella Medrano, “VERSO LA LIBERTÀ, oilio su tela, 70×50 cm, 650  €