Art Therapy courses

  • 2019 – He took a course for 6-11 years for a theatrical performance “The bag with two money”. Students of the German-Romanian Association for Migration and Integration SGRIM e.V. they were very enthusiastic and presented the theater in December 2019 in the central library Gasteig in Munich.
  • 2020 – I completed a drawing and sculpture course in colored ceramics at a Romanian school (German-Romanian Association for Migration and Integration SGRIM e.V), Munich.
  • 2020 – I organized an art therapy course at the Romanian Orthodox Church “La Natività” with a group of children aged between 3 and 11 years, Munich.
  • 2021 – I completed an art therapy course in drawing, painting and sculpture with the Romanian Proiect Cultural school in collaboration with the Romanian families initiative in Munich with the parish school of Naşterea Domnului, the Apoziţia association.