Elena Ducu, the President of the Cultural Movement “ARS”, has promoted many cultural projects of international scope. Of particular note are the recent initiatives “Bruges 2011 – The Colors of the World” in the prestigious Garemijn room in the heart of the Flemish cities, as well as “2011: The Return of Nuclear” in Rome.

In 2012 ARS organized the “Abstract and Informal” in the Pentart Gallery, Rome; “The intense emotions of the colors” in Utrecht (Netherlands), at the Grachten Galleries.  2012 also sae the second edition “The Colors of the World” exhibition in Bruges (Belgium) and the exhibition theme “2012: art and economic crisis” in Naples Ovo.

In 2013 ARS held “The Light in Art” at the ROA Gallery in London, as well as “modern art Suggestions” at the Thuillier Gallery, in Paris.  In 2014 they brought the “Shades of Light” exhibition to the Ward-Nasse Gallery in New York, USA.

2015 was the year of “Angle” (Zurich refraction, Galerie 16b) and “Global brotherhood” in Florence (Galleria Via dei Fossi, in October). In 2016 it was the turn of “Travel Stories” (Rome, Space Gallery 40), “Evolution in modern art” in Aalst (Belgium) and “Ars in Milan” (SpaziArti, at year end).


It’s hardly necessary to mention Milan’s open spirit and cultural breath.  Milan’s Central European mentality has always been considered an ideal place for contemporary art in Italy. Along the historical Corso Buenos Aires shopping promenade between (the longest and best-known in Europe)  the “SpaziArti Ungallery” stands in a beautiful courtyard at n. 23.

The SpaziArti exhibitions are designed to give you a Taste of Art, to bring good taste in paintings, suggesting artists chosen with care and attention by those who have always been a great passion for art. The art project is said to ensure that the general public is able to distinguish commercial paintings and artistically valid ones from amateur paintings.

“The first is the result of a low level of artistic taste, having the sole purpose of earning. The amateur painting is the result of the need to give vent to an inner self or a self-proclaimed artistic bent without, however, being able to convey anything personal, exciting, creative, original, or artistic. ”

The present call is open to all artists working in the visual arts:

  • painting
  • sculpture
  • photography
  • visual art
  • installations

performed using any technique.

The theme is free and personal.

Selection is done by sending pictures by email to

following address:

You can send photos of the works to be proposed, accompanied by

title and technique, as well as artistic CV and / or biographical notes.

All artists selection submissions are FREE.