April 21 – May 2, 2018

Amelia Mutti

Rome, 1953 – Architect and painter

Emotions along the way to Rome – Watercolors by Amelia Mutti

Arriving in Rome along the ancient “Appian Way” and through the Acquedotti park is a unique experience. The story evolves, step by step, along the remains of villas, mausoleums, theaters, baths and aqueducts, immersed in the Mediterranean vegetation of pines and cypresses. The environment changes color during the seasons of the year, with the blooming of mimosas, brooms, almonds and different shades of grass.

Massimo D’Angelo

Rome, 1966

A woman’s body stands out in the shadows. Only the profiles emerge, on the simple curves of a life-size silhouette.

But to look good in the absence of a facial expression, one thing stands out – the only thing in full detail: The hand. And herein lies the mystery. Perfection turns into imperfection, the object of desire that would be shown off becomes something to be hidden with colored silicone filaments. Hiding something that makes you ashamed gives way to the perfect appearance: the extra finger.