Munich, known for openness, cultural diffusion, and its Central European mentality, has always been considered an ideal place for contemporary art in Europe.

Viktualienmarkt, a lively square and the heart of “Altstadt” (the old town), is situated just behind the famous Marienplatz.

It’s a colourful and traditional cultural crossroads, popular with locals and tourists. The gallery is a small jewel with its large windows overlooking the street.  It’s just in front of “Eataly München”, a reference point for lovers of Italian food and culture, which sees thousands of people every year.

Opening Times:

Montag 11,30h- 16,00h
Dienstag 11,30h- 16,00h
Mittwoch 11,30h- 16,00h
Donnerstag 11,30h- 16,00h
Freitag 11,30h- 18,00h
Samstag 11,30h- 18,00h
Sonntag geschlossen

Vernissage: November 18:11:17 -17,30h

The opening hours are from 11:30 to 15:30 from Monday to Thursday. On Friday and Saturday, it’s open until 18:00. It’s closed on Sunday.


Auè Nicole; Statunato Sandra; Angela Betta Casale; Marina Schifano; Roberto Scarioni; Ducu Elena; Indraccolo Davide