Born in 1978 in the heart of the ancient Ichnusa (Greek name of Sardinia),he has developed since early age a true passion for painting. His style remains devoted to the noble technique of watercolour. In his paintings, the atmosphere is always soft and not defined, it seems a tribute to the imagination of the observer, who can get lost with the eyes leaving his mind floating in the picture. The ports, that is a recurrent element of the artist, reflect the essence of the island people that suffer the atavistic fear for the sea, therefore the ports represent safe places that welcome the man in that beloved and native island. In ”The Venetians” series canals, gondolas, people are fused together, becoming freedom and romantic melancholy at the same time. Laguna is where sky meets the sea and the atmosphere becomes more rarefied. Domes, bell towers, houses dissolve themselves within the harmonious reflections in the calm sea, that transmits the feeling of the artist also through the silence.

CANALE RAREFATTO (watercolor 50×20) € 450
CANALI DI VENEZIA (watercolor 50×20) € 480
CANALE DI VENEZIA SEPPIA (watercolor 50×20) €470
Wonderful Paris watercolor 50×35 € 530