Claudio Fabbricatore

Claudio Fabbricatore, italian artist, was born in the city of Pomigliano D’Arco, grew up in Germany and currently lives and works in Rome.


Fabbricatore, a contemporary, figurative painter, started drawing and painting at a very young age, taking delight in miniatures, models and making dioramas.

While he mainly uses oil paints, he also works with watercolors and sometimes pastels.


One of the main sources of the artist’s inspiration are the works of old masters from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century – The strong influence from this fascination is present in nearly all of Fabbricatore’s paintings.


In 2012, he had a chance to meet with the acclaimed painter Alexandr Onishenko in Prague. The work of Mr. Onishenko , who is known for his technique of painting on Black Canvas using a palette knife, had a positive influence on Fabbricatore’s work and led him to experiment with a palette knife on Black Canvas.

In the same year he entered the group LAO (Laboratorio Arti Ornamentali) of San Lorenzo in Rome, where sharing the studio and the ideas with other artists, led him to start studying the use of light and chromatic contrast of different subjects on black canvas.


Fabbricatore’s paintings are a reflection of his research, studies and experiments rather than the result of modern trends. The process of painting becomes a meditative experience that ends with psychological and physiological balance. The artist thus creates a liaison between instinctive, creative and logical processes.


The work of Fabbricatore pushes the observer towards contemplation, while leading the viewer’s mind into a state of quiescence, wellbeing and relaxation.


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