Italian artist, born near Foggia, she works and lives in Naples. Since young age, she deeply loves art.  She is author of artworks that can be described as reflections of inner expression, imbued with personal history, feelings and joy of life. Her works, realized with mixed technique, naïf and surreal, are characterized by a strong color component and by their playful narrative. Rich in details, they bring us in far away fairylands. Each portrayed detail is inserted in the context, and, at the same time, it retains its own life. Gratifying reviews of her works have been published on different newspapers and magazine such as “La Repubblica”, “Il Mattino” and “Corriere delle Sera”. Her works have been shown in Italy and abroad, Holland (Utrecht), Belgium (Bruges), England (London), France (Paris), Italy (Naples, Rome, and other cities) and in New York.