Born in 1967 in Atrani. Though he moved in his early youth to Rome, he swallowed colors and atmosphere of his native Amalfi Coast, which, in turns, he instilled in his work. He started painting first out of the simple desire to express on canvas his inner world and his inner thoughts. Hereinafter, he developed his painting by absorbing the different emotional stimuli of Rome, crossroad of cultures, thoughts and worlds. The works of this period show a clear change from the first ones. The early works were based on elementary and trenchant chromaticism. The new paintings investigate inner subjectives and themes that are more personal, with almost subliminal movements. In his recent works of art, colors and forms melt in a single language, describing the artist’s visions. We can discern these visions in a series of intertwined weaves, symbols of the artist’s desire to break away, to elude the imposed ties of a closed and inflexible society. Color, in this instance, resists, until it can pass through the tangle of the twine and take on a life of its own.