Born in Rome, he is a young painter and writer. Since early age he reveals his great passion for every kind of art, but he expresses his true potential only in painting and writing. Though he took up technical studies, since 18 years old he started to write poems, short stories and novels. His works have been published. He applies himself to painting with seriousness, with the dream that both his passions can become professions. His artistic debut was within an International Art Festival at the “Galleria Agostiniana”, in Piazza del Popolo, Rome, in 2014. His rigorously black and white style gives him the freedom to play with the chromatic scale of grey; in this way shadows stand out and the painting attains intense depth of field. One of his preoccupations is to achieve a sense of realisms in his paintings, paying particular attention to details. His signature, “LH”, stands for “Lord Henry”, his “nome de plume”.


Cinzia Folcarelli art critic