Rudolf Klotz

ad photography

started taking photographs at the age of 18 – indirectly through a photographing friend;

later on I worked professionally in the marketing and advertising business, always dealing with photography;

with a professional photographer from Salzburg/Austria I learn to do my fotographs from A to Z incl. developing films in the black/white laboratory, hand enlargements in the darkroom, exposing large-formats on baryt and PE papers etc etc. etc..;

Around the year 2001 I founded a company for “original photographic reproductions of classical masters”, exhibition and sale in museum shops in Salzburg and in the Städelmuseum Frankfurt (-> Botticelli, Franz Marc, Lucas Cranach the Elder, Renoir, Vermeer etc. …).


ad equipment

LEICA M6, analog rangefinder camera, various wide-angle lenses, 35mm focal length mainly for street photography, black/white shots with Ilford Delta Professional films.


ad fascination for NYC

City in which „the whole world“ seems to be concentrated – “everything” the world has to offer put into one place;

the optimistic basic rhythm of the city – a place full of hopes (NYC is made up of big dreams);

the places/oases of peace in the city – where time seems to stand still;

the NewYorkers are on the one hand fast and hectic, but in the middle of it this is not noticeable;

the colourful and peaceful coexistence of people … in Brooklyn alone 123 different ethnic groups are counted and 138 languages are spoken in NY;

NYC renews itself permanently, constantly reinvents itself, can be considered as a large construction site.


ad in general

my attention is mostly focused on the ordinary/normal/unadjusted, on excerpts out of the real, referring to an imaginary context.