International art 2020

First Edition




ARS Cultural Movement, in cooperation with Captaloona Art Gallery, announces the first edition of 2020 painting and sculpture International Art Contest, which will close with a week-long exhibition and is scheduled for November 28th 2020, at Captaloona Art Gallery in Madrid, where the winning artists will be allowed to display 3 works each.




  • Participation to International Art 2020 contest is open to all artists regardless of nationality
  • The sections permitted are:
    1. Painting (any technique, including digital art)
    2. Sculpture (any technique)
  • Due date: July 31st, 2020
  • For each section, the first, second and third classified will have the right to exhibit three artworks in Madrid as detailed in points 10, 11 and 12 of this document. The first classified will be also granted with 400€ expenses refund and the second classified with 200€ expenses refund.
  • In order to enter the contest you need to send, by the due date, an email to (cc. with the following material: one or more high resolution colour photos (low resolution photographs will be rejected) of the work, PDF format, specifying title, execution technique and dimensions; it’s also requested a short bio, photo of the artist, completed entry form and receipt of the subscription fee payment.
  • The works must not have dimensions superior than 70 cm. width for paintings (including frame), and cm. 80hx40x40 for sculptures.
  • The panel of judges, whose decision is final, reserves the right to assign special prices, and includes artists of international standing: Alfredo Montaña (president, Spain), Alicia Huerta (Spain), Maurizio Campitelli (Italia), Sergio Guerrini (Italia), Nadia Chellaoui (Morocco).
  • The 55.00€ (fiftyfive/00 Euros) participation fee must be paid upon subscription by bank transfer to –
  • All contestants will receive a certificate of participation and a free catalogue. The artists who may wish to receive more copies, will be asked for a financial contribution of 5€ per copy.
  • The awarded artists must send the works to be displayed at Captaloona Art Gallery, Calle de Andrés Mellado 55, 28015 Madrid by November 15 2020. Shipping and possible insurance of the works will be paid by the artist. Associazione Culturale Ars, promoter of the International Art 2020 contest, shall be deemed relieved as of now from any liability concerning the activity of reception, transport and delivery of the selected works and, in any case, will not answer for any breakage or damages to the above-mentioned works.
  • Works may be in a frame. Pictures not provided with hangers will not be displayed on the wall. Also, it is essential to include on the back of the work: full name, address, title, year of production, technique used and possible price.
  • Artists who may wish to display a work in addition to those that will be displayed, must pay a 50,00€ fee (fifty Euro) for each additional work (a maximum of two additional works are allowed). The additional works will not be included in the catalogue.