Laura Grispigni was born in Rome in 1963, where she got a degree at the “Accademia delle Belle Arti”, and where she still lives. She exhibited in several important Italian and European scenes: from Naples to Lecce, from Perugia to the ‘’Reggia di Caserta’’ from Utrecht to Rome. In her paintings color and light carry out an important function, enabling the compositions to vibrate with inner strength and harmonic structure.

The artist makes use of natural and recycled materials (sand and plastic, for instance) that resonate in her works and give them a materiality and a quality of aliveness and concreteness.  The technique of Laura Grispigni aims to reconcile the dual dimension inherent at its own core: the powerful gesture of the color and the sign that multiplies, assuming different variety of forms and underlining the bi-dimensionality of the canvas.