With his clicks Davide Indraccolo catches glimpses of contemporary life, sharing with us his emotions. Nature and the World are the main protagonists of his photographs. He seizes his images without any retouching. Europe, America, Australia, Middle East…eternal voyager, Davide brings us along in his travels, letting us enjoy his pictures and his visions, also thanks to a particular attention to details and to encompassing atmosphere. In his photographs, which are integral part of his personal life, light plays a vital role. Through his deep appreciation of every form of art, Davide approached the world of photography through his contacts with different artists. He then became fond with photography language, which he felt suitable to his artistic sensitivity. Involving the viewer in his personal experiences, sharing with him his vision of the World is the legacy of this artist, born in Naples and living in Rome. This is the reason behind his choice of well known subject, to present them from a different point of views. Recently exhibition in London,  Roa Gallery.


Cinzia Folcarelli art critic